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  chapter one // information

If you want to know how to play 5"x7.5", this is the place to come!
If you have a question about anything, you should be able to find the answer somewhere on this page. If you don't, please feel free to contact me to ask!

  5"x7.5"↑ top

5"x7.5" is an anime, manga & game trading card game. It features card sets for animanga, game & light novel series, with each set featuring images of only a certain media - eg. black&white manga images, colour manga images, anime images etc. Due to this, one series can have multiple different card sets - for example, a manga that's been adapted into an anime can have a set for each.

5"x7.5"'s owned and run by me, Cate, and it's been around since April 2004 - although it was a pretty different game back then. The first time around, I kept it open for two years. After a total revamp and card template change, the current incarnation of 5"x7.5"'s been open since April 2009 and is still going strong!

  updates & replies↑ top

5"x7.5" is updated three times a week - on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Usually, there are game updates on all three days.

Monday is the main game update day; Wednesday is when most new card sets are released; Friday is when all donation & contest entries are answered.

As a general rule, all join, hiatus, level, master, otaku, coupon & contact emails will be answered before the next update. All other emails are answered before the next Friday update. I usually check the 5"x7.5" email account daily, so if you desperately need to ask me something sending in a Contact Cate form is the best way to get my attention.

If you send me a form or email and all three (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) updates pass without me replying, there's a good chance I've not got it. So, in general, please wait a week before resending and make sure to check your postbox first.

  the cards↑ top

To make things simple, every card is worth one. Always. However, this doesn't mean that there aren't different kinds of cards at 5"x7.5" - the cards here are modelled closely on real trading cards, and so each set is made up of several kinds of cards. Instead of measuring a card's value by worth though, every card has a rarity. This literally means that certain cards are rarer than others: you won't win them as easily or get as many of them in prizes and games.

At present, there are five different kinds of cards:

  Rarity One - Base Cards   Rarity Two - Rare Cards   Rarity Three - Scene Cards   Rarity Three - Swatch Cards

    The most common cards.
    20 cards per set.
    eg. fairypark001

    ~6x as rare as base cards.
    10 cards per set.
    eg. trialsr09

    ~9x as rare as base cards.
    5 cards per set.
    eg. mafiasc01, shibusensc04

    ~9x as rare as base cards.
    5 cards per set (+1-3 variants).
    eg. saiyans01, iscariots02

  Swatch Variants   Promo Cards

Every card set has between 1 and 3 swatch variant cards. These cards have the same image as the normal swatch card, but a different swatch. These variant cards are much rarer than the normal versions.

eg. platinums01, platinums01_var, astales05, astales05_var, wishess03, wishess03_var

For mastering, the variant and the normal swatch card are the same - you only need one of them

    The rarest kind of cards.
    5 cards per set.
    eg. promo_destiny001

  rarity, packs & boxes↑ top

  coupons & currency↑ top

At 5"x7.5" there isn't really a currency, as such - we use packs. If you choose to save your pack instead of opening it, you can use it to enter games (such as Lotto, Raffle and Pick a Square) and to purchase things at the Store (that doesn't exist yet...but soon).

Coupons at 5"x7.5" are pretty much an optional thing. If you prefer to take your choice cards as you get them, you don't need to ever keep coupons. However, when you do have them they'll be kept on your Members' Profile and can be traded in instantly using the automated form found in the Contact Forms section. Currently, there isn't a limit to how many choice coupons you can trade in at any one time: if you've got them, go for it!

Two special coupons that are new to 5"x7.5" are loaded and premium packs

Although these packs look very similar to regular packs they are coupons, not currency - you cannot save them in the same way as packs and you can't spend them: eventually, you have to open them.

Mostly, you can only get these packs by winning them in contests but they are randomly given out in your postbox for other things that you would win packs for (like levelling up, donating etc.).

Loaded Packs:
contain three cards, like regular packs
one of the cards in the pack is a choice card
the rarity of the choice card is random
there is a 5% chance of getting a loaded pack in place of a regular pack

Premium Packs:
contain three cards, like regular packs
all three cards are choice cards
the rarity of the choice cards is random
there is a 1% chance of getting a premium pack in place of a regular pack

  trading↑ top

When you trade cards you can only trade them if they have the same number rarity.
eg. a base card (rarity 1) for another base card; a promo card for a promo card; a scene card (rarity 3) for a swatch card (rarity 3)

Every card you trade counts as one trade.

You cannot ever trade one card for more than one other card - two base cards do not equal one rare card & etc.
If a member ever offers you a trade like this, please report them to me as they are cheating.

  mastering↑ top

Now it's time for the bad news...
To master a card set at 5"x7.5" you have to collect all the cards of all the different types in the set. So, that's 45 cards.
To help you keep track of your progress, you should pick up the checklists found on the individual card set pages in the card directory.

            For example:

Every time you collect all the cards of one type in a set you tick off one of the boxes on the checklist -- this is called Partial Mastery.
When you partially master a set, you can send in a form to gain a reward & update your member profile.

If you collect all the swatch cards in the set (the normal ones + the variants) you can tick off the +var. box -- this is called Variant Mastery.
Every time you do this you can send in a form to gain a reward & update your member profile.

When you've partially mastered all 5 card types for one card set, you've mastered it! Variant mastery is not required to master.
By then, your checklists should look something like this:

Fill in the master form and trade in your checklist for a master badge!

Be aware that once you've mastered a set you cannot trade away any of the cards in it, or else you'll lose your mastery of it.
  the levels↑ top

As a member, your level increases as you collect more cards. At 5"x7.5" the levels are called Pages.

Whilst there are only ten (10) different levels at 5"x7.5", we have an infinite levelling system: after you reach the Last Page, your next level up takes you back to the First Page, where you go back around again.

Sound confusing? It's not, honest ^__^

The level requirements are as follows:

First Time Around
First Page 0000 - 0199 cards
Second Page 0200 - 0399 cards
Third Page 0400 - 0599 cards
Fourth Page 0600 - 0799 cards
Fifth Page 0800 - 0999 cards
Sixth Page 1000 - 1249 cards
Seventh Page 1250 - 1499 cards
Eighth Page 1500 - 1749 cards
Ninth Page 1750 - 1999 cards
Last Page 2000 - 2499 cards
Second Time Around
First Page 2500 - 2699 cards
Second Page 2700 - 2899 cards
Third Page 2900 - 3099 cards
Fourth Page 3100 - 3299 cards
Fifth Page 3300 - 3499 cards
Sixth Page 3500 - 3749 cards
Seventh Page 3750 - 3999 cards
Eighth Page 4000 - 4249 cards
Ninth Page 4250 - 4499 cards
Last Page 4500 - 4999 cards

This continues on forever. So, once you reach 5000 cards, you level up again to the First Page (for the 3rd time). At 5200 cards, you level up to the Second Page (for the 3rd time) &etc. and then when you have 7500 cards, you go up to the First Page (for the 4th time). So, every 2500 cards you will start again.

Whenever you go up a level you will receive:
two packs
one random promo card
one choice rare card or rare card coupon

  the ranks↑ top

One difference from most TCGs is that, at 5"x7.5" - in addition to having a level - you have a rank. These ranks are called Volumes

Your rank depends on how many card sets you master and, as with levels, there are ten (10) different ranks that you cycle around indefinitely.

The rank requirements are as follows:

First Time Around
Volume One 0 sets mastered
Volume Two 1 set mastered
Volume Three 2 sets mastered
Volume Four 3 sets mastered
Volume Five 5 sets mastered
Volume Six 7 sets mastered
Volume Seven 9 sets mastered
Volume Eight 11 sets mastered
Volume Nine 14 sets mastered
Box Set 17 sets mastered
Second Time Around
Volume One 20 sets mastered
Volume Two 21 sets mastered
Volume Three 22 sets mastered
Volume Four 23 sets mastered
Volume Five 25 sets mastered
Volume Six 27 sets mastered
Volume Seven 29 sets mastered
Volume Eight 31 sets mastered
Volume Nine 34 sets mastered
Box Set 37 sets mastered

This continues on forever. So, once you reach 40 sets mastered, you go up again to Volume One (for the 3rd time). At 41 sets mastered, you go up to Volume Two (for the 3rd time) &etc. and then when you have 60 sets mastered, you go up to Volume One (for the 4th time). So, every 20 set mastered you start again.

Whenever you go up a rank you will receive:
one pack
one random promo card
one choice scene/swatch card or scene/swatch card coupon

  infinite levelling & tokens↑ top

You might be asking, well, if you can level up and increase rank forever, what's the point?
Firstly, cycling round the levels and ranks means that you never run out of an objective (which matters if you're the kind of member who cares about going up levels and ranks which, let's face it, the majority of players are because it's kinda a let down to get to the top level in a TCG and then realise it doesn't really matter how many cards you have anymore).

Secondly - tokens!
For every time you get to the Last Page of the Box Set (so, for every time you reach the top level and top rank) you earn a token. You don't have to be at the top level and rank at the same time - basically, if you've got to the top level once and the top rank once then you get a token. If you've reached the top level and the top rank twice, you get another token & etc. So, if you've reach the top level seven times and the top rank five times, you will have five tokens. Don't worry if this seems hard to follow - your member profile page will always tell you when you've earned a new token.

Every series that has a card set at 5"x7.5" is available to be picked as a token. You may only have one token per series - no duplicates - which you pick when you complete a cycle (get to the top level & rank).

Tokens aren't worth anything, they're just a little achievement badge - although the achievement they represent is pretty big! You can't trade them with other members and, once you've picked one, you cannot exchange it, so make sure to pick your favourites.