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  chapter three // otaku army

The Otaku Army, or just Otaku (currently running in version 2) is a participation based game/achievement system where you can earn cards for doing things you would probably do anyway - such as donating, trading and mastering - but allows you to fit them to a theme.

So, if you've mastered your favourite card set, why not complete an Otaku card for it too?

Like any other game, it is optional, so don't feel like you have to join if you don't want to!

  Information↑ top

Every card set at 5"x7.5" has an Otaku card that can be completed for it. If you decide to join the Otaku Army you will have to choose which card set you would like to start an Otaku card for and pick up your card from the dispenser.

After that, all you need to do is complete six relatively simple tasks - mastering the set, collecting some stickers, participating in contests, donating & trading - and you'll have completed your first card in no time!

Otaku takes into consideration all kinds of TCG players: if you don't make graphics, don't worry! - you can still complete an Otaku card through non-graphic donations. If you're not good at contests, don't stress about having to win: you only need to enter.

  how it works↑ top

1. Join using the form below - this will get you listed in the Hall of Fans and activate your first card
2. Complete the necessary tasks to complete your card
3. Once you've finished your card, hand it in & activate a new one!
-- You may only have one card active at any time
-- If you want to change your active card to a different card, you will lose all progress on your old card
-- Completing an Otaku card will earn you one box, one random promo card & one otaku point
4. Use your otaku points to purchase mission cards, which can be completed to earn even more cards!

  the tasks↑ top

There are six tasks that need to be completed to complete an Otaku card. Some of these can be done at any time - so, before the card is active - and others have to be done after the card is active to count.

So, the tasks are:
Master the Card Set
    Collect all the cards in the set & send in a master form
    This task can have been completed before the card is active (if you've already mastered it, you don't have to master it again)
    If you ever choose to complete an Otaku card twice for the same set you will need to remaster the set, however

Collect the Otaku Stickers
    Collect all six otaku stickers for the set
    Please see the Otaku Sticker section for more information on them
    This task can have been completed before the card is active (if you already have them you don't have to collect them again)
    If you ever choose to complete an Otaku card twice for the same set you will need to collect another set of stickers

Enter a Monthly or 3-Monthly Contest
    Enter any of the monthly or 3-monthly contests - you only need to enter one and you don't have to win
    This task has to be completed whilst the card is active! It doesn't count otherwise!

Enter a Submission for a Cardmaker or Themed Card Set
    Either submit a card for a cardmaker set or submit an image for a themed set
    You only need to do one and your submission doesn't have to make it into the set to count
    This task has to be completed whilst the card is active! It doesn't count otherwise!

Trade 25 Cards
    Just trade 25 cards with other members
    Member card trades don't count & sticker trades don't count
    These trades must be made after the card is active!

Donate: Graphics/Non-Graphics
    - donate level badges & master badges (graphics)
    - donate 3x details & 3x image donations (non-graphics)

    You only need to do one - the graphics or the non-graphics - but you can't mix and match: donating level badges and details doesn't work
    All donations must comply with the usual donation guidelines on the donation pages and must be sent through the regular donation pages
    Donations do not have to be themed to the card set the Otaku card is for
    These must be donated after the card is active! Donations made before the card is active don't count

  otaku card logs↑ top

Please be aware that you do need to keep a detailed log for your Otaku Card tasks and you will be expected to submit it. However, if you fill in all your forms correctly making sure to let me know, for example, that you've just mastered your Otaku set, that you want your donation to be counted for your Otaku Card or that you're entering a contest for your Otaku Card, you do not need to keep a log of it - in this case it will be noted on your Hall of Fans entry. If you'd prefer to keep your log mostly in your Hall of Fans record, you also have the choice of sending in your log details as you complete each task. So, if you complete your trades for your active card you can send in the details of them through the completed task form to let me know and it will then be marked in the Hall of Fans.

If you don't keep your Hall of Fans record up to date, you will need to keep a full and detailed log for your Otaku Card activities. This Otaku log can either be kept as part of your regular card log or as a separate log on (or off) your tradepost. It should include:

The date you mastered the set
The dates you earned each otaku sticker and how you earned it
The round # (or month) and name of the monthly/3-monthly contest you entered
The round # and name of the cardmaker/themed set you submitted for
The date(s) you donated & what you donated
Details of your 25 trades

This log doesn't need to have all the info you'd normally keep in a card log - I don't need to know what cards you earned for donating, just what you donated when.

Basically, when you come to hand in your Otaku card check to see what tasks I have you down in the Hall of Fans as having completed. Any that I haven't marked as complete will need to have a log given for them when you hand in your card.

For masteries & stickers earned before June 2013, if you no longer have the details just let me know - for all masteries, stickers & etc. after June 2013, you will be expected to provide the information unless there are extenuating circumstances (eg. lost logs, computer crash etc.)
(I sound a bit like a teacher shouting about homework...o_0)

  otaku points↑ top

So, what's an Otaku Point and what can you use it for?

As mentioned before, for every Otaku Card you complete you now earn one Otaku Point (or OP). The number of points you earn will be listed by your name in the Hall of Fans. These points can then be spent, almost like a currency, to purchase Mission Cards (please see the mission cards section for more information).

Once you spend your points they are removed from your count and cannot be refunded to you. A total of all the points you've ever earned will remain listed separately as record of your achievement. Don't worry, though: theoretically, you can earn an infinite number of Otaku Points as you can complete the same card more than once (if you remaster the set and complete all the tasks again).

  otaku stickers↑ top

Otaku stickers are randomly inserted into packs. They are approximately as rare as rare cards - that is, you should find roughly one sticker in every two packs. They can also be won in a few games and gained through exchange at the sticker dispenser.

Every card set has 6 stickers that, together, form an image. These stickers are named:
[set name]_a, [set name]_b, [set name]_c, [set name]_d, [set name]_e & [set name]_f.

If you don't wish to participate in the Otaku Army, you do not need to save these stickers.
However, collecting the stickers does give a small reward.

Otaku stickers can be traded with other members - they do not count as trades towards your trade count, however.

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